Csere’s award

The Slovak Astronomical Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences is aware of the importance of popularizing science and technology for the progress of our society. Through this award, the Society wants to encourage especially young members to engage in this activity and thus attract other young people to study science and technology.

In 2017, we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Elemér Csere, a prominent popularizer of astronomy and founder of the Hlohovec Observatory, and in connection with this anniversary, the Executive Committee of the Slovak Astronomical Society decided that from 2018 the award will be officially called the “Csere’s award of the Slovak Astronomical Society for Popularization of the Science”.

Each member of the Society can nominate a personality for this award, who has significantly contributed to the popularization of astronomy and related disciplines. Proposals for the award must be delivered to the Society (sas@ta3.sk) by September 15 of the given year.


2020 – RNDr. Stanislav Kaniansky

2019 – Mgr. Mária Gallová

2019 – Mgr. Peter Zimnikoval

2018 – RNDr. Pavol Rapavý

2017 – RNDr. Peter Begeni

2016 – Bc. Jaroslav Merc