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IAU Astrotourism Workshop

28. júna 2021 | 13:30 - 15:45


Dark Sky Tourism: An engine for sustainable socio-economic development

Dark skies are an essential part of the scientific, cultural and natural heritage of humanity. Dark sky areas also offer unique and sustainable tourism experiences, alongside numerous benefits for local communities. In this workshop we will discuss some astro tourism case studies from around the world.

13:30-13:35: Introduction
13:35-14:00: Astrotourism Overview by Steve Pompea
14:00-14:10: Global sustainable tourism by Kumi Kato
14:10-14:20: Global Himalaian Expedition by Sonal Asgotraa
14:20-14:30: Sora Tourism (Japan) by Hidehiko Agata
14:30-14:40: Astrotourism: Research & Practice by Hannah Dalgleish
14:40-14:50: Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve: First Starlight Reserve by Apolónia Rodrigues
14:50-15:00: The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa’s  Advanced Astronomy Qualification by Ben Coley
15:00-15:10: The Chilean National Strategy to Astrotourism by Plablo Alvarez 
15:10-15:20: Outlook Responsible Tourism Initiative by Soity Banerjee
15:20-15:45: Q&A

Participants can register here: further queries please contact: Pedro Russo ( & Michelle Willebrands (


28. júna 2021
13:30 - 15:45


Medzinárodná astronomická únia

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